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Tuesday Funny: An ultrarunner’s guide to dating outside of the species.

Very cool video of Jason Schlarb and Meredith Edwards running through China’s “Beastly” mountains. I like that the film shows the trail running, but also delves into the culture and history of the area and people.

Do you run on Vancouver Island? Seen this kitty cat on the trails before? Seems he’s pretty comfortable with humans, doesn’t it?

My emotion at the finish line was a reflection of the beautiful dichotomy that most ultra races represent: disappointment with the result, but extremely proud of the process, in physical pain, but also high on the atmosphere. All in all, I did not have the day I wanted, but I come away feeling empowered by my ability to overcome, and inspired by an ever growing list of women who are as impressive for their attitude as they are for their speed.

–Amy Leedham is a smart runner and her Way Too Cool report really shows her focus on the future, not just on her most recent race.

I downloaded the video, got the family on the couch, and all ready to watch Ethan Newberry’s film about Gary Robbins’ Barkley Marathons experience...only to find out I don’t have an HDMI to USB-C connector! Movie night has been moved to tonight!

Mario’s Morning Shakeout has some smart commentary on the Ruth Jebet doping situation. I agree completely: There are a lot more people complicit in these issues than solely the athlete. But no comments on Way Too Cool?

Koop adds his opinions on the passing of Roger Bannister. Does our sport have a time or distance that’s been eluding us? Sub 14 at Western?

Is Tylenol a PED? Recent science certainly indicates it’s got elements that boost athletic/endurance performance. But a plant I grow in my yard next to my tomatoes is still verboten? Gotcha.

Once again, the USATF hosts a “championship” race on the same weekend as a major trail ultramarathon. Kudos to the competitors. Here are the results from what sounded like a pretty interesting race.

You’ve heard Sarah as cohost and Rocket as a guest. Here’s more on their friendship and running routine.

One thing Sarah emphasizes is that the runs are easy, fun, and casual. In this piece by David Roche, he writes about the importance of keeping easy easy.

Neat photo gallery of the marathon monks in the Himalayas.

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