Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Wed, Feb 28

Popular road race opens up bib transfers and begging ensues. Image if a popular ultramarathon like Western States or Hardrock allowed this. 

Update on Kaci’s trail to recovery. Looking good!

First consumer wearable that’ll track breathing as a metric. And yes, it connects to Strava.

If you’ve watched a cross country ski race, you’ve seen the competitors collapse and barf at the finish. Here’s why.

A tad snarky, but good points: Ten running articles we’d enjoy seeing (but never will.)

I may have to make the drive up to Southern Oregon for this race: Rainshadow’s inaugural Secret Beach 100k/50M (video). Looks awesome! Someone please remind me to tell the story about my wife and my time in Gold Beach…too long to share here.

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New workout: Chasing energetic 8yo girls down hills.

I’m anxious to release the Adharanand Finn episode today, but embarrassed by how many times I butchered his name in the interview. On my run yesterday before the chat, I must’ve practiced saying it 100 times and all I ended up with was a sore tongue. Still failed.

Here’s his latest piece (I linked to it yesterday) in the Guardian about why Kenyans aren’t running ultramarathons.  The comments section rivals the LetsRun boards for it’s pure idiocy.

Florida: Ladies, beware of a short guy with a running shorts fetish. Seriously though.

My playlist of negative thoughts played on repeat, nonstop, and at full volume. This playlist doesn’t exist on Spotify, it only exists in our minds.

–He started running to chase a girl.

Take a few minutes and watch this awesome video on Tor des Geants. It’ll almost make you want to sign up for the race. Still interested? Listen to our interview with Nick Hollon from his incredible 2nd place finish in 2014, replete with the craziest bonk and hallucination stories I’ve heard.

While plenty of ultramarathon and trail runners will be fighting the mud and slop at Way Too Cool 50k this weekend, Devon Yanko will be in Napa going after her 4th consecutive marathon title (and winning her weight in wine…again.)

This sport’s made up of a variety of characters, and Dakota highlights sh*t talkin’ Justin Lutick.

First review of the upcoming Peloton treadmill. Looks great, but four grand? Maybe if I lived in the snow.

How badly do you want to run some of these trails in Northern India?

Personal update: My dry January goal will stretch into it’s third month starting tomorrow. I still love beer and bourbon, but I just don’t want beer and bourbon. Has anyone else who’s stopped drinking felt this way?

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