Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Wed, May 3

Ultramarathon and Trail Running News

Great advice for a strong ultramarathon mental game: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS IN YOUR HEAD.

What’s your approach to running a hundred? Casual? Serious? BP explores a bit.

Chase dives into Kilian and Emelie’s latest high altitude plans.  Be safe out there.

Pine to Palm at 4 minute pace.

This is what your day looks like when you quit your job and try to make it as a professional MUT runner.  We’ll have Mocko on soon…for sure.

I don’t eschew all social media (obviously), but this doesn’t seem like the best decision for Strava.  Either do these new features.

Big news! Guinness will no longer be using fish bladders to filter their beer.  Across the world, beer-drinking vegans just felt a little bit guilty.

These are all very true: Five golden rules of family running.

Want to geek out on sub 2:20 marathon stats? Combine it with some predictions for Sub2, and you’re in heaven.  (Paging Gary Gellin.)

So what’s with all of these new doping rules? Are all records pre 2005 getting scrapped? In short, probably not.

Update on Chris DeNucci’s recovery for Western States and how an ultrarunner radiologist deals with a fascia injury.

Honest talk from Jamil about motivation, inspiration, and perspective. Great stuff, check it out.

and here’s JamJam’s Mountain Outhouse.  Walmsley, Steck, Sharman, AJW, Anton, and more.

Interesting: The reality and psychology of a racing slump.  I’d be curious to hear how it effects the “once you have one DNF, you’ll have more” mentality.

New podcast coming out today, and it’s really, really good. Stay tuned.

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