Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News, Friday, April 7

Did you know that the fastest 3 FKTs for running the length of Ireland are all held by women?   Eoin Keith is looking to change that soon.

Rio Olympics marathon champ busted for EPO.

Crew/spouse report from the Georgia Death Race.  

URP Daily News from four years ago.  Some good stuff in there.

Runners are more susceptible to kidney stones than normal people. Know what they’re all about, and do everything possible to avoid them. Trust me.

Petition to keep the 50k Race Walk in the Olympic Games.  Outdated and not exciting, there’s a reason it’s one of the few free events at the Games: No one wants to go.  (Yes, I realize this is coming from a guy–me–who enjoys watching 24 hour timed events on tracks.)

Running is such a simple sport….right?

Joseph Chick and Timothy Olson, sorry guys.  A bit too late now I guess.

In headlines, men are runners, but women are joggers.

Personal note: You think drop bags are expensive? I just bought a case for my alphorn yesterday, and as a result, will be eating Ramen for the next three weeks.  Anyone got recipes?

This past year the World Mountain Running Association achieved equal race distance and equal team size for women in mountain running but are struggling to get equal interest in participating.  So far 3 times more men than women have submitted resumes and we risk not having a full women’s team at the championship.  We need more women (and men!) to apply for a world championship team.  Race & selection information is published here.  Due date for resumes is April 15–that’s next Saturday, folks! There is funding from USATF.  The race is August 6.
Not Gary and not John: Here’s Guillaume’s video of his transition from loop one to loop two at Barkley this past weekend.  It’s in French, but click the CC in the bottom right for subtitles.
Ten tips to help you get into ultramarathon running.
Are dickroutes a thing in the US too?
Nothing wrong with trying to look good, but this is veering into the silly category for me.
Mountain Outhouse: Barkley, PEDs, and more.  I don’t know how Jamil posted this after being at (and running) Barkley all weekend. (LINK FIXED)
Beer Mile records will fall this year.  Cool idea to schedule the Championships alongside the IAAF event.

I haven’t got through all of this yet, but Runner’s World tackles the issue of drugs in running culture.  Pretty interesting from what I read.

Your Adidas will soon be made by German robots.

It’s Friday. Got a minute to help out a fellow trail runner?

1. Grand Canyon Runner and Hiker Survey

With the drafting of their initial Backcountry Management Plan (BCMP) Grand Canyon National Park has become the first federal land management agency to recognize trail runners and hikers as two unique recreation groups that use the trails of the Grand Canyon for their preferred activity. We, as researchers at the University of Arizona not affiliated with the National Park Service, hope, with this study, to gain a better understanding of how both groups may or may not relate and how to use this information to better inform public land management decisions. We are seeking both runners and hikers who have completed either a rim-to-rim or rim-to-rim-to-rim journey through the Grand Canyon. Please follow the link that pertains to your recreational group.

Trail Runner Survey 

Hiker Survey

2. Exploring Trail Runners Survey

Trail running is becoming an increasingly more popular recreational activity that increasingly relies on publicly managed landscapes, however there are few academic studies that look at trail runners as a recognized recreation group. As researchers at the University of Arizona we are conducting a preliminary study on trail runners to gain a better understanding of this emerging group and how research should be conducted in the future to better inform management decisions. If you identify as a trail runner please follow the link below.

Exploring Trail Runners Survey


Have a great weekend everyone. Be nice to each other.



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