Ultramarathon and Trail Running News, Mon, Jan 23

Justin highlights the trail and ultramarathon results from this past weekend.

Seniors running out of time for lifetime $10 National Park pass. Get on it!

Didya grow a giant beard, but then found that ultras weren’t for you? You might consider joining a hatchet throwing league.

Great essay: Taking the hard right and getting out of your comfort zone on the trail.

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Question: If you were a brand manager or PR rep, would you want your contracted athletes/ambassadors opining publicly about controversial political/social issues? Would you encourage them to use their platform, or would you see it as a risk of turning off some customers and ask them to refrain?

Are you getting enough sleep? Study shows that banking hours can have a positive affect on endurance athletes.  Personal note: Since I stopped drinking alcohol, my sleep has increased from six to eight hours each night.  

Remains of Australian hiker found in Utah backcountry.

Mike Wardian just ran the first sub 3 hour marathon ever on the continent of Antarctica.  Here are the updates on the 7/7/7. (Ryan Hall came in 4th)

Dude walking across country barefoot hit and killed by an SUV.  (RI to CA route, but he was in FL. Even with bad weather in OH, that seems like quite a strange route, right?)

Help! Looking for a female shoe geek to review shoes. Use this as an example.  Must be size 8.  
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How does the marathon cheater guy catch people? Read this.

Short news day. What did I miss???



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