Ultramarathon and Trail Running Daily News | Tue, Dec 5

Koop wades into the gender inequality in ultramarathons discussion with a call that I assume everyne agrees with: Increased participation from females is a good thing all around. Ideas are fine, but answers involve action. What explicit actions would you like to see enacted or adopted to ensure more parity? More specifically, exactly how would/could you make a blind lottery like Western States more fair and equal?

On that note, women are weak (compared to their prehistoric sisters.)

Heads up: Lake Sonoma lottery registration is open. Don’t wait until next year to realize you needed to sign up last year.

Excellent: Learning to say yes.

davy crockett
Davy Crockett at the start of his Dreadmill 100.

Awesome: Davy Crockett clicks off 100 miles on his basement treadmill in 18:11. Detailed report from this old school dude. (Here’s our interview w him from a few years ago.)

A bit more on the masters MTB rider busted for doping. A few good lessons from these folks:

  1. If you’re doing something illegal, don’t text about it.
  2. Likewise, get rid of the damn receipts.
  3. Apparently taking testosterone makes ladies sound like Barry White.
  4. Breakups can be very very ugly.

Have you grabbed your free sample of S-Bars yet? If you’re looking to train your body to run on fat, click right this way and see what the discussion is all about.

No matter the performance benefits, my marriage would end if I brought one of these home.

Overall, the Mach is a great option for all types of road-running and trail runs on less aggressive terrain

Ben reviews the latest road/trail hybrid show from HOKA: The Mach.


Mario’s Morning Shakeout. I’m glad to see CIM is getting so much positive attention! Also, Mario’s first podcast episode drops today. Check it out.

Kaci is recovering well and eyeing a big 2018.

Short news day. Three interviews coming your way!

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