Ultramarathon Daily News | Monday, Aug 20

Certainly a topic with many angles: Is the professionalism of ultramarathon running a good thing, or is it a detriment to our sport? Consider both.

I’m not familiar with Trevor’s other races, but the dude is dominating the Race Across Scotland. h/t Alwyn Williams.

Sure, rest days are good and easy days are…easy. But sometimes, you wanna feel like you just hit yourself in the face with a hammer, in which case you’ll refer to this post by David Roche.

What an incredible weekend for racing! New CR at Pike’s Peak for Megan Kimmel and whoa, Rob Krar is back with a big win at Leadville. I can’t think of a time in recent memory when the overall vibe has been so positive towards a win. Rob’s an open, honest guy with a massive fanbase (here’s the interview on Billy Yang’s show everyone is talking about), and I’m hoping this win heralds in a new chapter for he and Christina. More on this weekend’s results right this way, courtesy of Justin/IRF.

Ultra logic from New England standout Gret Soutiea:

“PBR’s are essentially water, so sipping on one for the last few laps was just perfect,” Soutiea said. “Cold, crisp, and rewardingly refreshing. I haven’t really had must time to just reflect on the big races of the year yet, but tossing back some cold ones after an important race is always one of my favorite ways to relax a bit for a few days before shifting focus to the next one.”

Good synopsis of Pete Kostelick’s run from Canada to Key West.

Fantastic story–with equally excellent writing–by Jade De La Rosa about she and Nick’s recent run on Vancouver Island and her new FKT. Looks beautiful!

The line between graffiti and street art is a long-standing conversation that’ll never be solved, but taking a running tour of a city’s street art would be a neat way to get around.

Boooo! CSU Boulder builds a track but denies access to public. We’ve got the same think here in Sacramento. CSU Sacramento built a beautiful stadium and track for Olympic Trials a few years ago and have zero community hours. Every other city I’ve lived in with a college opens up some time–maybe it’s just Tuesdays from 4-6, but something–but now Boulder is joining Sacramento in this unfortunate new trend.

Budget running hacks…and new runners, this is aimed at you.

I’ll say it again: You people in the south are craaaaazy.

You’ll have to stay tuned to hear our latest interview with Pam Smith. Sarah and I chat with the WS champ about her Badwater experience, why she doesn’t take running too seriously, and how/why sponsorships and social media have changed the landscape of our sport. Unfortunately the audio is a bit messy so I’ll have to edit, but expect it by Wed/Thurs of this week.

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