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ABC News covers ultramarathons and the effects on the body.

Some good basic tips for your long run as you lead up to a hundred miler.

I reported earlier this week that Pike’s Peak will soon have a trail that completely circumnavigates the mountain, and now it looks like the Timberline Trail in Oregon will circle Mt Hood with 40 miles of glorious single track. (LINK FIXED)

Is red meat really that bad, or are people simple not adept at reading studies?

Read this before you complain: Five things you didn’t know about putting on a trail race.

How important is sleep for ultrarunners?  (As I glance at the clock that reads 3:44am)

Germany opens 62 mile bicycle highway that’s totally car-free.  We’ve got an incredible multi-use trail in Sacramento (bikes, runners, blades, walkers) that goes for 30 uninterrupted miles on pavement, with an additional 70 miles (the Western States course) on trail.  Anything like that in your town?

New study shows that protein intake will help preserve muscle as overall weight drops.  That’s what it said, right?

Another really good interview with Ryan Hall.  It really sounds like he’s just…broken.

Matt Flaherty submits a quick n dirty interview with Mountain Mist winner Alicia Rich.

And yet another example of why the PED discussion is so tricky.  Should this guy be banned?

Super excited to see Billy Yang’s new film about Mont Blanc at SFRC tomorrow night. Who’s going to be there?

What are you running this weekend?

Gary Robbins just uploaded an awesome video of the Kalalau Trail in Hawaii. Definitely check it out…and holy cow, check out those waves!

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