Ultrarunner Daily News, Mon, Jan 11

Today in the Ultrarunner Daily News:

Read this: What Camille learned during her first year as an ultrarunner.  We interviewed her last year right here.

Want to really geek out? With the Ultramarathon Race Difficulty Ranking you can see how tough races really are.

I released this interview later afternoon on Friday: Ultrarunner of the Year David Laney and I chat about his awesome year, how living in his car helped out his training, what he’ll do differently at UTMB this year, valet parking, his mustache, and a whole lot more.

Liza’s internal dialogue about DNFing sounds very similar to mine, though I’ve chosen the easy way out one too many times.

…and if you want to hear more, be sure to check out David on this podcast as well where he talks about overcoming mental barriers.

What’s Scott Jurek been up to?

How to run an accidental marathon PR at age 46.

Speaking of age, here are a few tips on how to get better as the years go on.

Video from the Great Edinburgh Cross Country International.  The mixed-gender relay looks like a blast, and we get to see Mo Farah taking on the muddy trails (and getting beat by an American!) while also commenting on racing against those convicted of cheating.

Looking for waterproof running shoes? Here are 9 models you might want to try. (I prefer drainage, thanks.)

Magness is staying on the Coe/Nike story and pushing hard for transparency between the two.

What runners will love from CES 2016.

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