Ultrarunner Daily News, Thurs, Jan 7

Dusty Olson has some of the most epic trail stories, and Alex is sharing some of them here. If nothing more, be sure to check out this incredible report. Certainly hope this series continues and we get to read more!  Here’s a podcast he did recently with the guys from Ten Junk Miles.

I asked this yesterday on Facebook: If you were to win the $600,000,000 Powerball lottery, how would it change your running life? The funniest response I’ve heard is “my goal would be OTS.”

If you’re planning on doing an Disney theme park runs this year, here are your new costume guidelines.

Good essay on the art of suffering.  Endurance athletes all look at this differently, but anyone who’s truly been through the grinder can relate.

Ever wondered what criteria certified beer judges use when proclaiming a winning ale? Here are 75 pages of beer nerd minutia.

Ultrasignup stats aren’t true arbiters of one’s fitness, I know, but this guy is planning on breaking the record for a  trans-America run.  Maybe he does a ton of adventure events? Anyone know Adam and his chances for success?

…speaking of cross country events, I’m hearing that a team of high profile ultrarunners will be making  a push soon. Stay tuned.

Good question: Does having access to date mean that people will lead healthier lives?

Interesting: How far do do athletes run in other sports?

Interviewing David Laney today for a podcast. Any specific questions for the UROY?

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