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Ultrarunner News From Around the World:

How does this ultrarunner prepare for the Arctic Ultra? He sleeps outside in a Romanian snowstorm and runs in shorts when it’s -20 degrees.

…speaking of extreme temperatures (and “toughest ultramarathon” claims), registration just opened for Badwater in July.  Here’s the entry form.  Anyone ever done the Arctic/Badwater double?

It’s Tuesday, which means Guillaume has submitted a new trail video. Today, he joins us from under the sunrise in the Spanish canyon on the Rutal del Cares.  It’s crazy that he’s the only one human out there!

Ten California trails with the most paranormal activity.  Seems like an “X-File Fatass” would make for a pretty epic series.

This transgender issue at the Olympic games is going to make for some funky competitions.

Read this: John Trent pens a moving essay about the relationship between father and son at Western States. 

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Gear tester Lucas on the NorCal trails.

Matt Flaherty’s report from Mountain Mist 50k in snowy, muddy, and icy Alabama, including an impressive post-race meal.

Not an ultrarunner, but check out Ryan Vail’s week of running leading up to Oly Marathon Trials.  That Sunday workout looks brutal!

We can blog and complain all we want, but if Adidas pulls their money out of the IAAF, they may just listen.

How to train for the WS/Leadville double.

…and how is it that some of those “running bloggers” get on that list?  I’m still trying to figure out if URP is a blog or not…

This is a political as URP Daily News will get this season: Bernie was a 4:37 miler in high school!

Ludivine the bloodhound takes 7th OA at trail half in Alabama.  Ludivine’s a pretty rad name for a dog. My Standard Poodle is named Carlos. What’s yours?

Have you been through a trail divorce? Maybe not on a 30 day thru hike, but on an adventure run?

Twenty things you probably didn’t know about running shoes.

I’m interviewing Avery Collins today. We’ll talk HURT, his bonk at Colorado 200, cannabis, etc.   Anything specific you’d like to hear about?

The science has yet to be completely unraveled, but a recent study shows that those living at higher altitude have less risk of cancer.  And, ahem, better ultrasignup rankings.

Pam Smith update: The asthma meds seem to be working, and now she’s getting RICH off of road races!

Apparently this video is from Argentina. Lesson: Be careful of loose rock on your hikes and runs!

Personal News: I’m starting Graston and ART therapy today. Doc recommended I take pain meds before visit.  Is it going to be that bad?

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