Ultrarunner Daily News, Tue, Nov 24

New trail shoes coming in 2016. Wow, there’s some pretty innovative stuff on the way!

Remembering Emil Zatopek, the most badass distance runner of all time.

It’s Tuesday, which means Guillaume is taunting me with a new video of some incredible trails. This time he’s in Konigssee in the German Alps.

Nature is unforgiving: Grad student killed in Sierra Nevada avalanche.

Awesome analysis of how Syracuse beat powerhouse Colorado in NCAA XC Championships. It’s not just the top few guys, but the whole team must perform.

And speaking of XC, it’s hard to watch these high school runners and not appreciate what an awesome sport it is.

You’ve heard about Quad Dipsea. Here’s more about how the race got started.

Trending away from gimmicky races, the San Diego Half Marathon instituted qualifying times and pushed the idea of competition.

…speaking of team scoring, I’ve update my NorthFace analysis right here.  Dakota out, Rickey in. Kaci out…

Snarky guide on surviving Movemember for those who can’t grow facial hair.

Cold and snowy out? Here are some great workouts to conquer, regardless of the weather.

Gotta revisit this article by Sarah about how injuries affect our lives.

Thanksgiving is a big day for “turkey trots.”  What are you running?

…and there’ll no Daily News tomorrow thru Friday. Out of town and taking a break.  Have a great Thanksgiving, be safe, and appreciate life.

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