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What a Broadway singer learned from her ultrarunner husband.

Don’t do these! Ten ways to sabotage your next race.

More on Bernie Sanders’ track career.

First time I’ve heard of trail running with your dog being an official sport: Canicross.

He calls it doing his “race police” duty. His wife, Nicole Sin Quee, calls it “throwing quarters in the crazy machine.”

This guy’s idea of a good time is pouring through race results to find people who’ve changed bibs, cut a course, or muled a chip.

Ultrarunner shirt
If you missed the interview, you may want to back and check it out.

Does evidence show that suicide risk and depression are a result of living at altitude (in Utah?)

Well there’s an interesting idea that could get crazy: Bet for or against your own weight loss.

Really great short film about a bearded fell runner from the UK who underwent a full heart transplant.

Stephen Jones, ultrarunner and 200 mile advocate passed away in an avalanche this past Sunday in Utah.  That’s two well-liked members of our community in one week. Ugh.

In a corporate restructuring, Montrail (long a subsidiary of Columbia) will now brand their trail running shoes and gear as Columbia Montrail. Hopefully that means infusing a bit more money into Montrail, designing more gear, and putting a team back together???

Now you know: Some of those fitness tracker gizmos may be inadvertently compromising your personal information.

Funny (and honest) days in the life of top ultrarunners Liza, Pam, and Gina.  Yep, I can relate.

I just added Kyrgyzstan to my bucket list of places to visit.  Check out those mountains!

Site news: Sarah and I are interviewing two guests tomorrow. One, a prominent author who’s book details the importance of race psychology.  The other, a fun 30-something gal from the East Coast who’s gone from mid packer to top ultrarunner in two short years. Stay tuned!

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