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Ultrarunner News from Around the World:

Dakota serves up a healthy plate of sass with some funny answers to common ultrarunner questions.

Here’s an account of Dom’s attempt at a fifty miler on little specified training.

How to become a beer runner. I dunno, a bit played out?

New flavors from Gu: Cucumber mint and chocolate coconut. Big, enthusiastic yes to the former.  No, thanks. I’ll pass, to the latter.  I love chocolate, just not when I’m running.


ultrarunner, china
Ultra here? Yes please.

I’ve never been there, but from the images I’m looking at, this ultramarathon in Cambodia is set in one of the most unique settings I’ve ever seen. Pic above.

If you’re not subscribed to the morning shakeout by Mario Fraioli, you’re missing out.  Mario’s a writer and coach and has some awesome insight into this world of ours.

Good stuff: The difference between winning and finishing…not just in running, but in life, too.

Add Stephanie Howe to the list of a-list athletes (Lauren Fleshman, Sandi Nypaver) who’ve traveled to Sweden to get surgery on their Achilles tendon.

Most short-distance and road guys are built similarly. Then there’s Garrett Heath. Who’s the biggest (tallest and most muscular) ultra guy? Dylan Bowman maybe?

ultrarunner advice
Paavo Nurmi in his glory.

Here are a few great running and training tips to remember, courtesy of the Flying Finns.

Here’s how three NY ultrarunnes (including past guest Jason Friedman) trained and performed at Bandera, the first 100k for all three.

Are you a geek who likes to run trails and is looking for a sweet gig in Colorado? Look no further.

Struggling with performance? Here’s Jason Fitzgerald’s story about how he persevered in training and ran a surprising great race.

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