Ultramarathon Daily News | Friday, Jan 12

Your #7 Ultrarunners of the Year.

Do runners even need toenails, anyways? Now would be a good time to feast your eyes on the (in)famous URP Black Toenail Hall of Fame.

Entrants list for UTMB, CCC, etc. That trio of US HOKA guys is stout (Walmsley, Hawks, Tollefson), and the US women for TDS (Wang, Henninger, Bosio) will be interesting to watch. So many great runners over there this year! Here’s iRunFar’s analysis of the lineups.

I agree with Amby here. It’s not about the shoes…it’s about Shalane’s performance and grit. I get the reference to MJ, but think Nike missed the mark.

Molly Friel (50!!!) qualifies for Oly Marathon Trials with a 2:43. Dang.

In a quest for gender equity, should mens and womens XC races be the same distance? Food for thought: Hurdle heights, steeple heights, net heights. Change those too? I’m fine with doing so, just as long as men don’t also start competing in synchronized swimming.

Did you read Ben’s latest tech review? He checks out the EPSON ProSense 307 GPS with HRM. While Ben appreciates options, I prefer the basic “set it and forget it.” It’s the only watch I’ve worn in a few years and I’m loving it, and at $250 with a 24 hour battery life, it’s a pretty good deal.

Transitioning from the road to the trail.

I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff at finish lines, but this is a first. Looks like no one is injured except for Archie.

I’m as skeptical of mindfulness as this author, but he makes a pretty compelling case.

Sarah and I recorded an interview with Michele Yates yesterday that I’ll be releasing this morning. It’s a good one. Stay tuned.

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