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Ultrarunning News:

Kasie Enman takes a strong stand for gender equality in trail running, ultrarunning, and Nordic sports events.

Tired of running? Do it backwards like this guy.

…or apparently if you’re a part of the younger generation, you actually run with your fingers?

Wanna get your butt kicked (while seeing your favorite trails from a completely different perspective?) Try snowshoe running.

Eric and Tim Tollefson at TNF Ultrarunning Champs 2014. Pic by Nate Dunn.
Eric and Tim Tollefson at TNF Ultrarunning Champs 2014. Pic by Nate Dunn.

Ultrasportslive.tv made a strong attempt at quality race coverage but never really captured a market share.  To the best of my knowledge, they’ve stopped all production in the ultrarunning world.

It’s Tuesday, which means Guillaume is taunting us with a new video from some exotic trail.  Here he is in northern Italy along some beautiful (but creepy) singletrack…or is just me?

Ultrarunning, before and after pics.

Here’s more on Adam Kimble, the guy who’s making a go at the trans-US record.  Thanks to those who’ve emailed me to provide some additional insight.

Coach Gordo reminds us to be thankful for the little things while extolling the virtues of walking.

This should be good: Runner’s World will publish their 50 best articles, one per week for the rest of the year. Hopefully nothing resembling “Run Your Best 5K in Six Weeks!!!”  Anxious to read more of the good stuff.

In the five years of the URP Daily News, I have not seen a bigger outpouring of emotion over anyone more than the recent passing of David Bowie.   Any ideas why the connection was so strong?  And yes, count me in a huge fan.  Maybe Will is on to something here with his explanation?

Cool European road races blast through the middle of town right in the middle of holiday shopping. Anyone ever done one?

What do you think about nutritional supplement companies marketing their products to teen athletes?


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