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Add this one to your list: Twelve miles of sketchy trail with over 8k’ of vert in Alaska. And check out the finisher’s list from last weekend.

Amy’s where a lot of us have been.  On the mend from a persistent injury, but cautious (and hopeful) that healing is complete.

Here’s a quick take from a dude who’s making a name for himself ultrarunning in India.

Three female runner deaths in nine days in the North East.  Stay safe out there.

The debate is always out on the physical superiority of East Africans when it comes to long distance running, but scientists often overlook another big component: The unavoidable running culture that the kids grow up with.

Awesome! Free USGS quads available online.  There went my productivity for today.

The IAU 50k trail championship team standards have been decided for 2017.  I hope the USATF MUT Council is able to get 100% funding for travel and accommodations for the entire team. Anything less than that is unacceptable.

New podcast! Check out our interview with ultrarunning coach David Roche right here.  

Magness’ latest column on times vs place in track and field is a good one.  In trail and ultrarunning, top competitors are going after both it seems, and that’s healthy.  I wish sponsors (maybe some do?) put a cash bonus on new AR/WR’s, as there are a few that seem prime for taking.

Heading to Bellingham, Washington? Here’s everything you need to know about the trails, hosted by Jeremy Wolf.

Oh, Canada: Competitive axe throwing.

You think the political race is heated? Try banning mountain bikes from Forest Park in Portland.

Have a few minutes? Read this compelling story about a hiker/climber who vanished from the trails in Mammoth Lakes and the anguish his loved ones go through with no answers.

Interesting: How specialty running retailers will/can/should survive the decline in brick and mortar business.

247 American IPAs, blind tested and ranked.  Awesome. Blind tests are the only way to go.  People are far too influenced by fancy names to judge/taste objectively.  Bet you can’t guess where the #1 IPA is from.

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