Ultrarunning News, Fri, Jan 8

Today’s Ultrarunning News:

Alex Varner had an awesome year, with a healthy mix of events. Trails, roads, ultrarunning, cross country, bikes, and beer miles.  Anxious to see what this year will hold.

Do you use alternative sports cross training to supplement your ultrarunning?  Rob, Foote, Stephanie, Hillary, Vargo, Nikki, etc are all big into skimo. Others snowshoe. I inline skate. Here’s why you should try something different in order to stay fit and motivated.

So what exactly makes something the “world’s toughest ultramarathon?” Badwater? Barkley?

This funny look at The Spine Race certainly qualifies it, right?

Running camps and running retreats have blown up recently.  Here are some pretty good reasons to attend one.

TNF Ultrarunning Championship 2015

For the price of a good beer, you could own This is Your Day, featuring Rob Krar, Caroline Boller, and Karl Hoagland (all past URP guests) shot by Myles Smythe of Michigan Bluff Photography.  If you haven’t seen it, the movie is beautifully shot and highlights the buildup, preparation, and execution of three runners’ experience at Western States. Download available right here. Buy the beer anyways, download the movie, and get inspired.

Trader Joe’s ex prez started a grocery store with super cheap and healthy food, meant to compete with fast food.

Cool back story to the winner of ATY 72 hour run.

This is good: Managers and officials implicated in doping scandals given lifetime bans.

Tech: I’m not sure how this camera will be used, but it’ll be freaking awesome.

Spaff loads up his pulk and takes us on a freezing cold and self supported 50 miler.  Brrrrr.

…speaking of cold, here are the seven coldest races in the world.

In a quest for success, bulimia almost ruined this guy’s life. Now he’s back to running.

Andy is a very goal-driven guy. Do you write down your specific ultrarunning and life goals for the year?

Bandera 100k: Know before you go.

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