Ultrarunning’s 2015 Year in Review with Karl Hoagland, Sarah, and Eric

Karl-02015 has been quite a year for the sport of ultrarunning.  We’ve seen great performances by veterans, runners of all levels enter the sport, and even seen some controversy that we’ll likely be dealing with for the long run.  During the past twelve months, URP released 54 episodes and those interviews, in addition the rest of the MUT media tribe, have given us plenty of fodder for lively conversation.

Ultrarunning Magazine Publisher and Western States Endurance Run Board Member Karl Hoagland joined Sarah and I to discuss standout performance, surprises, trends, and influential runners in our sport.  Who stood out this year? Who should we watch next year? John Trent is the answer to one question, Zach Miller the other…What were the questions. What are the trends that will affect our sport int he coming year?

Karl at his 50th birthday party.
Karl blowing out the candles at his 50th birthday party with fiance Erika holding the cake.

Episode Notes:

Destination TrailThis episode brought to you by Destination Trail Runs, the good folks behind Tahoe 200 and Bigfoot 200.  Tahoe is one of my favorite places on earth, and I’m lucky enough to be running Tahoe 200 in September. Care to join me?



ur-logo-415Karl is the publisher of ultrarunning magazine, the resource for all things related to ultramarathons.  I subscribe to one magazine, and ultrarunning is it.

Here’s the interview with Karl’s finance Erika when she helped prep us for Western States this year.

Outro music Before the Night is Done by Matt Flaherty.



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