Ultra/Trail Endurance News, Fri, Aug 12

Ultra, Trail, and Endurance Sports News, Friday Aug 12

Real food for trail and ultrarunnning adventures.

Bike stuff: This new “smart bell” has some cool features and looked super smooth. I’m anxious to see a final product.

Here’s a quick n dirty chat with Power of Four winner Morgan Elliot.

Prediction: Under Armor will be a significant name in the MUT space next year.  They’re on a hiring binge, with these two top execs from North Face and Amazon and the recent hiring of Topher Gaylord from Columbia/Montrail.  These guys all know the industry and the company has cash…don’t be surprised if you see a Team Under Armor in the near future.

Gear: Patagonia jumps into the gear space with a  pretty cool sleeping bag design.

Angeles Crest 100 schoolyard fight drama continues.

This type of statement (and action) from athletes’ sponsors is what the ultra trail community needs to set the culture for a clean sport. Movistar Aventura, it’s your move. Thanks to Ian for staying on this.

…and while testing is improving, you’ve still got asshats who’ll screw up the system like this staffer from Keyna.  This is not an isolated incident with Kenya, and drastic and immediate actions are necessary: The country needs to be banned immediately from all track and field events for the Olympic games. Cheating should hurt, and stupid should really hurt.

Stone Brewing opening beer hotel in San Diego.  

This article about sexism in running is targeted towards road runners it seems. I’ve got to believe the problem is less so on the trails. Right?

Here’s the complete Olympic Track and Field schedule.  And if you’re really ready to geek out, here’s the LR Fantasy Prediction Contest with $20k in prize money.

Olympic events they should bring back. Motor boating as a sport? I’m in.

Do you post your workouts to Facebook? Yeah, you’ve got mental problems.

What are you running this weekend?

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