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Ultra/Trail News From URP, Thurs, Apr 21

Did you hear our latest URP episode with Dominic Grossman? He’s been dealing with overtraining syndrome (or whatever you wanna call it) for the past year and shared with us the signs, symptoms, and possible remedies.  If you’re not resting regularly, listen to this episode.

No more hippies and explorers: Writer laments the increase in speed, machoness, and Strava culture that’s overtaken cycling. Is ultra trail running far behind?  Cyclist/runners, what do you think of his assessment?

Ian ran American River 50M one weekend, Gorge Waterfalls 50k, then showed up at Boston to race the marathon. Instead, he ran from the finish to the start, and back to the finish.

Latest URP episode was sponsored by Savage Life Solutions Card Keeper. Invented by an ultra trail runner in Canada, it allows me to carry my phone, cards, and cash all in one place. Check it out here.

How does London Marathon champ Kipchoge manage his day? Very low tech, low key, but holy cow, with some intense workouts.

More on the Parkrun debate.  And in other news, I’ve always thought that “Max King” was an awesome name, but the author of the Parkrun article may have him beat.

Glitter runs, color runs, zombie runs, now we’ve got a Froyo run. Huh?  Only positive thing I can find about it (yeah, besides the “getting people off the couch thing”) is that they’ve got a easy bib transfer system in place.

Are you interested in detoxing your body?  Do fancy juices help?  Questions? Read this from the NYT. (LINK FIXED)

Heading to the Alps for some trail running? Here are some tips for your first time. (Hey guess what? I don’t care what they wear there. I’m wearing what I feel comfortable in.)

Someone mined a bunch of Strava data from the 12 weeks leading up to London Marathon, and here’s the conclusion: Work harder, run better.

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