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Excellent film about the Tor des Geants from the perspective of a North American runner with no support crew. Best film I’ve seen on the storied event.

Podium Runner/Amby: Cool story about the three (really tall) guys who led the women’s OTQ pace group at CIM in December.
And while the article may be sponsored by Brooks, that first pic tells an entirely different story.

Asia’s growing addiction to ultramarathons.

iRunFar: Nice to see some introspection in our community with regards to environmental hypocrisy. For me it boils down to this: If you’re going to fly all over the world to race for fun, please refrain from lecturing us about our use of fossil fuels and the evils of little plastic cups and straws, and hold your environmental virtue signaling.

Two Oceans Marathon: One of the largest ultramarathons in the world has a route change/extension to easy traffic in town.

Corona: Or maybe…people realize that it tastes like urine and just don’t want it anymore?
(I actually liked Corona and lime, but had to be on or near water to drink it.)

Outside/Hutch: Is altitude training a waste of time? This is the first time I’ve seen this argument, but Hutchinson makes some good points.

The LetsRun MENSA Team tries to figure out what Skyrunning is all about.

And more from LetsRun: Here’s some astute analysis of the men’s race:

Jim’s not the only trail runner hitting the streets of Atlanta tomorrow. Here’s more about Ashley Brasovan.

350 miles in some of the most inhospitable terrain in the world. Extreme cold, torrential winds, and you’re pulling all your gear behind you. Barkley has had 15 finishers, the 6633 Arctic Ultra has had just four more. Here’s more on this race.

“This is an issue that’s a really difficult issue. Not even the IOC can come to the proper guidelines,” says the three-time Commonwealth Games gold medallist.

“It is politically charged and it’s a sensitive topic [but] if we don’t make a stand, what’s going to happen to that female category of sport?”

Aussie Olympic track athlete takes a stand re transgender women competing against cis women at the Tokyo Games.

In case you haven’t heard, the Olympic Trials for the marathon is tomorrow in Atlanta. Here’s how to watch both races.

While the actual performance seems to belie the headline, the price seems to be right for a GPS watch with decent battery life.

Speaking of the Olympics, bookies are taking bets that the Games are called off, cancelled, or relocated.

Got plans this weekend? I’ve got our first track meet tomorrow and am fairly confident I’m far more nervous than most of the kids. Did I put them in the right event? Will they have fun? Will the parents tolerate the meet schedule? Aahhh!

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