URP Daily News, Friday the 13th Edition

URP Daily News – Friday the 13th and a full moon (or not?)

What do “aging” runners like Max King and Jeff Browning do to stay healthy and injury free? Find out right here.

Amy answers the big question while battling an injury: What’s the big deal about trail running anyways?

Maybe WADA outta run for President: The drip, drip, drip of scandal.

Check out Ethan Newberry (The Ginger Runner’s) new album right here. I’ve been listening to it all morning–mixed in with the new Radiohead album–and it’s really good.

Meditation and the runner. This RW article talks about the benefits and how it’s helped Timothy Olson succeed.  He’ll be on the next URP episode next week. Stay tuned.

Question: What’s the difference between kit and gear?  Kit is Euro, gear is American, right? That’s it?

If Ian Torrence says it’s a tough race, it’s a tough race. Here, he compares the Wapack and Back 50M with Zane Grey.

I’ve taken Immodium A-D to help me get through a tough run or race, but apparently some people are taking it to get high. Whaaaaaa?  I can’t even imagine the constipation!

Well there’s a conundrum: You’re a North Korean running in a marathon to secure an Olympic qualifier. Do you risk not qualifying and upsetting the Dear Leader, or do you break the rules, and risk torture and imprisonment?

Take on the trendy diet for yourself, but leave your kids out of it, alright?

I’m gonna throw a light hammock in my fastpacking pack for an adventure this summer. Much better than sleeping on the ground!

The Dragon’s Back race in the UK is considered one of the toughest trail mountain races and is about to sell out again. Did you get in?

Old school ultrarunners running old school races.

Trying to get hold of Lauren Fleshman for an interview. If you can help with a connection, email me here. Thanks.

What are you running this weekend?

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