URP Daily News | Friday, Feb 8

Short and sweet news day today.

Amy Clark is new Editor of Ultrarunning Magazine and she gets it. She gets that the future of our sport–the future FKT holders, the future UROYs, and the future consumers–are starting their running careers at their local elementary schools and are ready to rip. (I think Amy and I have the same foot tokens…these familiar?)

Great profile on the most influential media person in our sport, Jamil Coury.

Muscle and Strength Magazine asks readers from all sports how cannabis affects their workouts. Good mix of opinions.

Ya know that one little trick that’s going to improve everything about your life? That one supplement? That one new gizmo? More on the psychological appeal of snake oil.

You’ve heard me talk about the Piece of String run in the UK. It’s baaaaack!

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