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Short and sweet today, folks. Two interviews this morning (Hillary Allen and Zach Miller) and I’ve got a lot of prep to do.

This is excellent: The Ultramarathon Survival Guide. Every single one of those pieces of advice is fantastic.

OCR is one step further to becoming an Olympic sport. Bonus: The Secretary General is named Shiny Fang.  Sounds like a character from Austin Powers or James Bond.

So you heard our interview with Gavin Woody last week about his big run at Arrowhead 135?  He emailed me last night: 

Looks like my two training runs with my sled paid off-ended up coming in first in the foot division in 36:01. I knew I shouldn’t have stopped to eat that last bar–could have broken 36hrs :-). Weather was warmer than expected–lows in the 20s, but we did get 3-5 inches of snow at various points on the course, so that made pulling my 45lb sled pretty fun…So fun swapping stories and trail time with the other racers. Love our ultra community…
Gavin Woody and his sled at Arrowhead 135.
Personal update: Surgery went well. I’ll give more details after the interview with Hillary today.
I like running and I like being pushed, but man, this coach seems pretty intense.
How much time do you really need/have to train for a proper ultra? Koop breaks it down.
Under Armour had a rough fourth quarter. Given the shoe in the first picture, it’s no surprise.
QB Tom Brady’s diet described as “sketchy” and “BS.”  Seems lacking in science and heavy in fad.

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