URP Daily News | Fruesday? May 15nd

Everything you ever wanted to know about course markings for trail races.

Somewhere in Andorra. SUCH a beautiful course.

Got the notice this morning that Ultra Trail Andorra is cancelled forever. Seems a sponsor backed out and there was some sort of issue with defaming the owners and death threats? Bummer, it was such a fantastic event! Anyone know anything about the back story and whether we might see it ever again?

Zach’s WR attempt gets some media love.

Jacob Puzey writes about our “new normal”: Virtual races.

I was reading some news yesterday about the NBA, UFC, and MLB coming back without any fans and whether that’s a possibility or not. Aside from the lost ticket revenue, how would the athletes respond to no fan interaction? How would viewers at home tolerate not seeing the stands full of people? Could it work?
My brow furrowed and I thought…How is this different from virtually every ultra trail race in the country?

Head on over to Brendan’s site for his Friday Inspiration.

Short news day. Have a great weekend everyone.

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