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TNFEC quick thoughts:

  • Zach Miller continues to be the most exciting ultrarunner I’ve ever seen. His face at mile 10 was the same at mile 42. All-freakin-out redlined the entire way. The guy is awesome.
  • Those ladies are tough! Larisa Dannis dug deep to find her way to the podium, Caroline Boller busted some teeth off from a fall (only to eventually DNF), and Ellie was in #beastmode each time I saw her.
  • Apparently plans are in place for a beer steeplechase, and I may have something to do with it.
  • TNF puts on a great race. It’s big, loud, and professional, but hey, we all knew that going into it, right?
  • Dylan Bowman’s performance was outstanding.  After looking tired at outbound Muir, he was making up some serious time in the final 10 miles and should be proud of an incredible year.  Dude couldn’t complete a sentence at the finish, and that shows how hard he worked to get there.  Anxious to see his ’16 unfold.
  • I ran around the course a bit, chasing athletes, pics, etc., and my calf gave me no problems.   That was my biggest highlight from this weekend.
  • Everyone’s favorite numbers guy Gary Gellin pointed out that four of the top ten mens finishers were named Ryan (Bak, Smith, Ghelfi, Kaiser.)
  • Unfortunately, I heard essentially zero talk or interest in the team scoring competition. It was the first run and had no marketing behind it, but it would’ve been nice to hear something.
  • I saw some sneak peek shoes for NorthFace next year and ooh-la-la, there’s some cool stuff coming out.
  • Here’s Mario’s recap for Competitor, and here’s IRF’s. Full results here.
Larisa Dannis near top of Stinson, past mile 28.
Larisa Dannis near top of Stinson, past mile 28.

Well there’s something I didn’t know.  While racing across the US, athletes had to poop in a tube and FedEx it to a lab for a study.  What they found was pretty interesting though.

The cold- coupled with dehydration- had given him hypothermia and so he didn’t want an IV pumping cold saline through his already freezing body. Apparently he had won me a bouquet of flowers, but had thrown-up all over them. I gave my pukey, bearded homeless man a kiss on the cheek and told him I was proud of him.

–She is consistently one of my favorite story tellers.  Here’s the latest report from The Endurance Athlete’s Wife

I like Ian, but his opinion on a manner on which he has a close relationship with the subject doesn’t hold a lot of legitimacy with me.  His post was in response to this RW article to which Magda, Sharman, and I all voiced our opinions about the PED issue. I still jumped into Ian’s conversation and lobbed a direct accusation at Desco and Gaspari that they were still cheating this weekend and apparently don’t believe that rules–or notably, common sense–apply to them.   One thing is for sure, we will be pushing hard for change and hope that this doesn’t get pushed under the rug.

Sage with his pain face running near my house at mile 23.
Sage with his pain face running near my house at mile 23. Photo by my neighbor Steve.

Yesterday some ultra dudes showed up to run CIM in Sacramento. Sage pulled a 2:18 high, Tim Tollefsen a 2:25 high, and Mario Fraioli 2:43.  All a bit slower than they’d expected, but that’s running, isn’t it?  Sage says he’ll run in Houston for an OTQ, not sure about Tim.

The “most innovative running shoe” is back on track. And it’s very strange looking.

This just in: Athletic organizations are supposed to serve athletes. Oops.

Hopefully not lost in the TNFEC clutter, the US 50k team had one hell of a weekend in Doha! Tony Magliozzi (new name to me) took it for the fellas and Camille Herron capped off an incredible first year of ultras by making that TWO ultra world championships. Wow! Results here.

Were you lucky this weekend? Here are the Western States lottery draws, and here are the lucky entrants for Hardrock.

Here’s a hundred miler that most people would really love to complete.  100 miles, ten days, and a ton of cheese.

These “seven tips that can help you run an ultramarathon” are, let’s just say, prone to discussion.

I can relate: Embracing the short run.

If you’re prone to arguing about shoe design and biomechanics, here are some new study results for you.

Ultras make the big news in the UK! Interview with Robbie Britton on what his ’16 is looking like.

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