URP Daily News, Mon, Nov 14

URP Daily News – Monday November 14

URP Daily News is back. No politics. No hysteria. Just running, head injuries, beer, and Elvis.

How can this article casually mention that the 100 mile winner’s (and new CR holder’s) pacer was dressed in a bacon costume, and not provide any pictures? Come on!

Speaking of costumes: Mike Wardian won the Las Vegas Marathon dressed as Elvis, taking the old WR away from Ian Sharman.  Ian, your move.

Dylan Bowman
NorthFace/Redbull’s Dylan Bowman striding out at XC champs on Sunday. Pic by me.

Justin’s week in ultra/trail running results, and a look ahead to next.

Here’s one guy’s story about his run up to JFK50.

How about a tooth implant that doubles as a bottle opener?

Here’s a pretty cool new light on Kickstarter.  950 waist-mounted lumens that’s powered by your own external battery bank (so run time is only limited by what you carry.)  I’m throwing in some money.

Did anyone else get a head injury this past week? I gave myself a concussion and big gash on Saturday, Mario Fraioli got a concussion on Wednesday and went to the ER, and Hoka’s Bob Shebest ran into a tree mid-race on Saturday and got taken in.  What’s going on?!?

Speaking of Bob’s race.   Paddy O’Leary ended up winning the 50k after Bob’s leader Eric Sorenson’s wipeout (Bob was behind Paddy), then finished up the weekend with a strong finish at PAUSATF XC Championships on Sunday.  OUCH.  His quote: “This (the xc race) was a lot harder than yesterdays run!”

Men's open XC start. Fast and furious with Tim Tollefson and Alex Varner.
Men’s open XC start. Fast and furious with Tim Tollefson and Alex Varner.

Check out Megan Arboghast’s report from the Gobi 100k.  Lots of sand, but the people and scenery make up for it.

Question: Are there any ultras in the US with a disabled (specifically VI) category? I got an email and don’t know the answer. Let me know. Thanks.  Update: Word on the trail is that the Vermont 100 may have an “athletes with disabilities” category for 2017.  Anyone heard the same thing?

I need to get better at this: The value of minimalism.

Ironman not tough enough for you? Check out these alternatives (many with trail components.)

FYI: How to take better low-light pics in the mountains.

If fishing becomes an Olympic sport before any version of MUT running, I’m going to riot in the streets. 

This guy from RSA is prepping for an Antarctica run by dragging a tire all around town.  Interested in building one for yourself? Here’s my how-to from a few years ago.

Industry geek talk: I’m still convinced Under Armour will be a major MUT brand in 2017 based on their hiring announcements, business movements, and ahem, gossip, but I haven’t seen any gear focused on the MUT space yet. Has anyone else? 

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