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What’d you do this weekend? William Sichel set a new 48hr age group record. He’s 62 and clicked off 196 perfectly paced miles.

Speaking of ultra-distance, a team of docs with a mobile MRI unit followed a bunch of runners as they traversed Europe during a 64 day race.  Here they release some of the findings, including how the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and organs adapt and change during the race.

Here’s a good post about what it’s like to be a runner’s pacer, crew, and boyfriend during their first hundred miler. Lots of helpful advice in there.

Five attributes of AG winners from Kona that we should all try to emulate.

…and Bruce has been running for 70 years. Here’s what he’s learned.

Alex Varner peeled an incredible seven minutes off of Dave Mackey’s Quad Dipsea record on Saturday, a week after XC championships, and a week before North Face.  Here are more results from the past week.

The 50 best running stores in America. What’d they miss?

While on a break from the Daily News, I published this review of the Stryd Powermeter. Time, distance, and HRM not enough for ya? My tech reviewer Luke puts this through his battery of tests and though it’s really the first of this technology to market (for running), he gives it a big thumbs up.

Protip: Don’t touch dead, electrified baby bears on the trail.

Three treadmills workouts that will work you hard.  I do a variation of #3 on the trails too.

Morning funny: Hemp Fest Marathon winner DQed for passing drug test.

Shawn’s been listening to URP for a few years (before he’d completed a half marathon!), bought a >26.2 sticker in 2014 for motivation, lost a bunch of weight while training, and just recently completed his first 50 miler. Nice job! Here’s his story.

Here’s ultrarunning magazine’s profile of Camille Herron.  Can’t wait to see what she does during the next 12 months!

And didya catch this new interview with Paddy O’Leary? He’s an Irish transplant (in case the name didn’t give it away) who’s having a heckuva year on the trails (and beer mile!) and is looking forward to his first 50 miler this weekend.  The episode was sponsored by the Mendocino Coast 50k, a race next year in one of the most beautiful parts of the country…and awfully close to some killer breweries.

It’s from last year, but here’s Sarah’s piece about what three elite-level runners learned during their first 50 miler.  Good lessons for all.

Funny: How to talk (and talk trash) like an ultrarunner.

The science behind effective coaching.  I suppose those traits translate to the 1 on 1 of running coaches too, right?

Looking for a running coach? Ghelfi and Laney have teamed up to tackle both trails and tarmac.

And speaking of coaching, here’s the only coach I’ve ever had: My high school XC coach, one-armed Gene. I still see him about once a year and he remains one of the most inspirational and important people in my life.  I was on the team mentioned in the article (’91-93), and it’s true: He took a random group of guys and turned us into the #1 team in the country.

Meghan’s men’s picks for The North Face Endurance Challenge.  I’ll go with Max, Zach, and one of the many Marin bros.

I’d be tempted to try out an ultra-distance race walk, just to see how my PRs differ from runs.  Probably less time spent at aid stations, less bonking, less whining, right?

Andrew Reiff updates us on life and offers some solid training tips for Leadville and Hardrock.

Speaking of those races, Wyatt is starting to plan his tentative calendar for next year.  I’m doing the same, but instead of lottery draws, mine hinges on recovery.

Sportswriter, Lydiard biographer, and hey, the guy who coined the term “jogger” died last week. Here’s his bio.

Jay Friedman goes into full (and justified) rant mode about Beer Mile rules.

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