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Did you get a chance to watch Zach’s treadmill run on Saturday? He set the new World Record for 100 miles with a 12:09, beating Dave Proctor’s time by over 20 minutes. In addition to his running, the production of the event turned out really well in my opinion. (Full disclosure, I hosted a segment but received nothing in return except maybe a gift pack of S-Fuels bars.) We had a great mix of hosts and guests (damn, I could listen to Geoff Burns all day!) from all perspectives and hopefully kept many of you engaged while Zach clicked off 7:17 miles over and over and over again.
I’d love to see something like this but with more than one athlete…If there were an event with three of four of the best mountain climbers in the world racing on a similar incline and with commentary from running media folks, it could be a lot of fun to watch don’t ya think? Or maybe take a few of the top women, put them on similar machines and set the speed so it’s barely tolerable. Who can hang on the longest? Silly ideas, but a whole lot more exciting than “virtual” races in my opinion.

Parents, are you teaching at home now? Here are some coloring pages for the younger ones that feature running icons from the past century.

The fear of meeting up with faster runners is a deterrent to some new folks. (Old ones too!) I’ve got a good friend who’d never run a day in his life until a few weeks ago. Old, tired “cross trainers” and basketball shorts, he tried to keep up with his son on a bike. Started asking me more about running and I arranged to get him a pair of HOKAs as he’s overweight and could use the extra cush. He’s doing better now but is intimidated to run with me because “I’m too fast and he doesn’t want to slow me down.” Baby steps, but I have a feeling I’ll convince and convert him.

Yes, racial discrimination extends into the running world, because, guess what, the running world, like the rest of the world, is populated by human beings. But cherry-picking incidences of racial violence against black runners by whites (like Ahmaud Arbery), or against white runners by blacks (like the Central Park jogger), doesn’t make for a persuasive argument that running is anti-black when Dr. Petrzela doesn’t acknowledge the broader cultural landscape. 

Toni Reavis: The running community does not have a race problem.

Ultrarunning Mag: Three headlamps you’ve (probably) never heard of.

iRunFar: Catching up with Jodee Adams Moore…wow, a blast from the past! The similarities between pottery and training are obvious too.
Hey Justin, can we put in requests? What ever happened to Cameron Clayton? That guy had some solid performances then seemed to disappear. What happened?

Like The Wind Magazine: The benefits of having a unique foreign passport in China…you may just be an elite athlete for a day! Anyone else had experiences like this?

SCMP: Wong Ho-chung (6th at UTMB last year) is not letting Covid-19 nor the heat keep him down. He just circumnavigated the entirety of Hong Kong in four days.

How are the elite marathoners in Iten handling the shutdown? Many are working manual labor until they can get back to the racing circuit and earn some money.

This “welfare fund” was established by World Athletics and will use $500k US to help struggling athletes.

Trailrunner Mag: When running becomes an addiction.

Treeline Journal: Nikki chats with Trina Matthews who trains for ultramarathons while raising NINE kids. What’s your excuse again?

The rise of trail running during this pandemic.

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