URP Daily News | Thonday? May 7st?

GearPatrol: Kilian is using this time to work on his flat speed work on a treadmill.

Four mile run yesterday and saw two good size rattlesnakes. Mind you, my peripheral vision sucks, so if I saw two, there were many, many more! Are they coming out where you run?

Treeline Journal: Chase and Nikki are still planning on heading to Europe in July for a three month stint of epic trail running adventures. Here’s what they’ll be doing in the Lake District’s Wainwrights.

Covid humor: Thoreau writes about cushy liberal arts students dissing his work and how he’s dealing with the virus.

Hmmm: East Coast Trail and Ultra Podcast is…gone? Maybe it’s just site work, but it’s a strange coincidence, right? (This is the pod that Sean “Run Bum” Blanton co-hosts.)

Sarah Lavender Smith: Three good workout to boost the mojo. (Am I the only person who can ONLY read that word in Dr. Evil’s voice?)

Super stoked to help announce Zach Bitter’s 100M treadmill attempt next weekend. We’ve got a great set of guests lined up to keep it interesting while we watch Zach click off seven minute miles.

Runner’s World: Here’s a message to runners from some Covid docs: Just because you’re healthy doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Vox: The chance of casual outdoor transmissal is negligible.

Interesting: Good timing for retailers as Google moves to highlight local independents in a bid to push Amazon further down the page. Any shop owners taken/taking advantage of this?

And more on how outdoor specialty retailers are handling the shutdown.

Which National Parks are open? Here’s a list. But….just because an NP is open doesn’t mean it’s actually open open.

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