URP Daily News | Thurs, Apr 25

Ian Corless: Long term goal setting and planning for ultramarathon success.

Science of Sport: Ross does an incredible job of laying out the discussion for why East Africans are so dominant in distance running. He’s fair, concise and thorough and doesn’t shy away from touchy subjects.

This is how real men argue before a competition.

Petty: This pre-London, Haile v Mo “fight” is ridiculous and embarrassing.

Courtney! Ms Dauwalter sits down for a chat with RedBull.

Runners World: Ten running records that are pretty impressive bizarre.

CTS: Good piece about what happens when the personality traits that help our athleticism backfire in real life. Also, how do pro athletes survive after their athletic career is over?

Beer: This “Healthiest Beers” list could also be the “worst beers” list.

Canyons panel: Are you in Auburn for the race on Saturday? I’ll have Kellie Emmerson (Australia), Darcy Piceu (Colorado), Damian Hall (UK) and Bob Shebest (California) join me for a discussion/podcast about training and racing. Chat will run from 4:30-6 at Auburn Aid Station (packet pickup), that, coincidentally, has a nice beer list. Hope to see you there!

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