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Awesome. Read this: A glimpse into the mind of Zach Miller’s perception of competition, and honesty of effort.  I’ve always wondered what makes him drive so hard even way out front, and now I understand a bit more.

During our interview with Timothy Olson last month, he mentioned that he’s just returned from filming a reality-based TV show that had him stranded on an island, but couldn’t divulge anything else.  Now we know what it was.  Anxious to watch!

If I didn’t have plans to be at Western next week, you’d likely find me at a race like this–the Sinks Canyon Rough and Tumble Trail Run. It’s in Wyoming, cool low-key 50k with nice singletrack single track trails at perfect training altitude for what I need, and all for $50.  Nice!

I’m not sure we need headphones that shoot electrical impulses through our brains that are intended to boost performance.  Doesn’t seem…safe.

Interesting: After a shakeup of the Ambassador and sponsored athlete programs at HOKA earlier this year, they’ve hired an ex-adidas exec to run the program. Anxious to see what changes he’ll implement and whether there will be a re-focused interest in the MUT space.

Sharman and Wardian, you’ve been warned: This guy’s racing a 53 miler dressed in freakin chainmail and a metal viking helmet. What you got?

I agree with this guy: Czech lagers are the best. I’ve been looking for a good domestic lager with that light malty balance, and have come up short each time. Anyone got a tip for me?

He didn’t get to race The Canyons 100k, but still sent in a race report, from the perspective of watching for and crewing his wife at the race.

This looked like a cool event, and from the pics, looks like I’ll have to head there next year. The Ancient Redwoods Running Festival…trail running, redwoods, beer, and music.

Guess what I learned yesterday? When checking out the weather report for Squaw Valley, don’t check Squaw Valley. That Squaw Valley is a different place in the Central Valley that’s got nice weather right now. Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley is called Olympic Valley and it’s gonna pretty cold today and Saturday for the Broken Arrow Sky Race.  Looks like it’ll clear up nice for Sunday’s races though.

Cool article recounting when Pam Reed broke the WR for longest sustained run…70 hours and 301 miles, beating Dean K’s previous best.

Bryce Canyon 100 is today in Utah.   Ah, memories of that incredible trail and canyon, my first official hundred.  Here’s the episode where Scotty interviewed me after the race.

I’ll be at Broken Arrow Skyrace this weekend working as the official starter and finish line announcer. Here’s the preview I put together…hope to see many of you there!


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