URP Daily News | Thurs, May 9

Canada Trail Running: Emilie Mann sounds like the perfect person for the sport. Fast, fun, and doesn’t take any of it too seriously. She and Arden Young training (and probably laughing) together? Whew! Canada’s got some fast women!

Ian Corless: Have you got your long run in for the week? Ian dives into the how and why of the ubiquitous workout.

NatGeo: Neat interview with the last surviving member of the first expedition to summit Everest. I had a chance to see a lot of the gear and supplies they used during my visit to the Himalayan Mountaineering Museum in Darjeeling and it’s simply hard to fathom what they accomplished.

Here’s a picture of Noa, a 5yo kid who lives in Kathmandu Nepal and loves to run and race the trails. Naturally, he wanted the Salomon logo shaved into his head, so dad Simon happily obliged.

Ouch: Did anyone read this story and feel it in their back?

Hoka: I saw Jami out on the course Saturday but didn’t realize he was putting together a film for the event. Turned out great! Also: Rare footage of Adam Chase wearing a shirt.

TrailRunner/Roche: Coche Roche writes about Kat Drew and her improvement over the years. What a great progression at Chuckanut! I had a nice long chat with her after her Canyons win (where I called Kat’s name for the win) and got the same feeling: Excellent attitude, quiet strength, and an eye towards the future.

Magness: We’ve got some hugely complicated and serious issues to discuss and grapple with (both in sports and society), and screaming soundbites at each other over the internet is not going to help. Excellent essay imploring people to open their ears, understand nuance, and look for answers rather than just gotchas.

Outside Online: And with no disrespect to Kipchoge, but why in the world are you comparing two wildly different events?

Short news day, what did I miss?

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