URP Daily News | Thursday, Aug 23

How you thought about gym class has a large bearing on how active you are as an adult.

I’m sorry, did you say the aid station has a Michelin star? Very cool, though I’m not sure I’d be up for sea urchin with pickled parsley stems mid-race.

Do you have a runners tan? Ever thought this much about it?

“I did put ice in the speedo!”

–I’ll bet you can guess who hosted this Q&A about his run at Western States.

I’m assuming you’ve seen this, but this intern/reporter used her XC prowess to sprint out the courthouse and deliver the Manafort verdict.

Good report and incredible pictures from a race that needs to find a place on my calendar: The Volcanic 50.

Are you traveling to compete in an endurance event or ultramarathon? Consider this piece on the best way to pack (and weigh) your gear.

Comrades delays registration. Hmm. Any idea why? Seems strange.

Bernard Lagat will make his marathon debut at New York City Marathon this year. Awesome!

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