URP Daily News, Tue, Dec 8

I was on GingerRunnerLive last night with Ethan Newberry. Here’s the episode. We cover racing, The North Face, drugs, beer, URP, I rehash the kidney stone episode, and I gave away some beer for Gingermas. It gets a bit freaky on “the other” side of the mic, but I had a great time! Thanks Ethan!

Read this: A Buddhist take on training.

Your GPS is lying to you about distance.

Do these: Strength exercises for high school runners that’ll help improve your running economy.

One year ago, Brett ran his first ultramarathon. This past weekend, he finished 22nd at the hyper competitive North Face 50. Here’s his story. Nice work!

I’m a bit of a running geek, but will admit to have never having heard of sprinter Andre DeGrasse. How in the world is his contract with $30,000,000???

Looking for a gift for “that runner who has everything”? I reviewed the Night Runner 270 shoe lights right here, and they’re actually pretty cool!

Ryan Ghelfi’s report from The North Face.  Great race, and I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds.

No, marathons do not shorten your lifespan.

The Angry Jogger is dragging himself back to fitness, one milkshake at a time.  As usual, a salty language warning applies.

Let’s spend time with Guillaume as he runs the Ruta del Borosa in Spain.

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