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Reavis: Let’s attach sensors to athletes so announcers can make sense of how–and why–a race is shaping up the way it is. I love this idea and swear I’ve seen it done at some race in the past. Imagine having sensors on top UTMB or WSER runners and having the ability to track their bio-metrics in competition? Not only would be it be exciting for the viewer, but would provide myriad data for coaches and trainers in post-race analysis. Yes, there could be issues with data being fed to coaches and competitors in real time, but we could find a way around that, right?

SCMP: How to train for trail running and the importance of tempo runs on the trails.

I get the sense that a lot of people are looking towards this summer and planning some truly incredible adventures. Need help with weather or mapping? Start here with Skurka’s go-to resources.

TrailSisters: Better advice has never been given. Get the hell off social media, put down your mobile phone and go outside, especially when you’re with your family.

Campground sign. Found image on reddit.

You’ve been reading about the Mostly Harmless mystery here for years. CBS News covered it this weekend with some additional information.

Juniper Eastwood’s transition to (and on) the trails. While I don’t agree with her on issues regarding competition, she seems like a cool person who’ll fit right in.

North Face Endurance Championships ended a few years ago, and now that event is replaced with the Spartan Trail/PCTR “Golden Gate Classic.” Kinda weird to call an inaugural event a “classic”, but oh well, let’s see how it goes. First step: Make sure there’s an event this year.

DumbRunner: While this post is meant as parody (and it’s pretty funny), the inverse is just as true and laughable. Cherry picking science to justify your performative panic is equally ridiculous.

Ian Corless: Packing for winter running.

–Hmmm. Don’t know if these are connected, but interesting nonetheless. Anyone have any info to share? Confidentiality always respected.

Kevin Beck wrote a piece here about the Runner’s World Join the Movement issue that highlights some truly inspirational female and BIPOC runners. In it, he wrote about his admiration for all but one, expressing dismay about Latoya Shauntay Snell’s inclusion in the list. His post was shared on Marathon Investigation FaceBook page right here, some social justice activists called Beck a racist, and he wrote a follow up right here. Read it all and decide for yourself.

Dyestat: With the track/athletic facility turned into a vaccination center, a high school track meet was held in a shopping mall parking lot. I can just imagine some kid wearing spikes and slipping and sliding around the first turn. Wait, did I just invent a new event?

iRunFar: The importance of hydration when you’re on the trails.

The FKT for LA’s Backbone Trail is lowered once again. Why are so many more men attacking this route? Where are all the women?

Working out when you’re experiencing depression. I like the post, but wish she would have written about exactly what she does to get out of the house. I understand a lot of people with MH and depression know that exercise is important, but getting out the door is a tremendous barrier.

Super shoes aren’t ruining track and field, they’re just a new innovation.

Super shoes have the potential to undermine Bolt’s legacy so we’re shelving them for now.

Welcome to the age of the super shoe.

Outside Magazine sells to Pocket Media, now joins other publications under new name. I’ve had–and have–my issues with Outdoor but don’t fully understand the implications of this acquisition. Anyone care to share?

New 100 miler in the Copper Canyon looks like a pretty awesome course. I’m sure it’s tough, but haven’t seen any numbers for actual gain/loss.

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