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Video recap of Black Canyon 100k is complete with his dad wiping his nether regions. Of course it’s The Mocko Show.

And from the opposite end of the spectrum, an ode to the BOPers.

Bookmark this: David Laney details an entire series of trail workouts.

Have you tried the Beyond Meat patty? It’s pretty great. Here’s more on it and the athletes who are singing its praise.

More on that: I stopped eating all meat in early January but think I’ll be bringing seafood back into my diet soon. I just love fresh fish too damn much.

Trail Racing Over Texas / Stasulli Photo

Julie showed up at the start/finish wearing a burrito costume, paced me for 15 miles, and taught me how to choose the best rocks for wiping my ass during a bathroom emergency (key characteristics include long, flat, and smooth). I hope you have a friend in your life who is willing to find you rocks for bathroom emergencies. I hope you’re willing to be that person for someone else.

Erin ran the Franklin 200 earlier this month and had an incredible crew/pacing team with her. Sounds like a fun time!

Interesting: Face recognition and AI allow marathon race photos to be available faster than in the past. I’d love to see some of the derpy faces that the machine learning couldn’t figure out.

Another sham FKT unravels, this time overseas.

Tough Mudder Inc. is forced to climb under electrified barbed wire in a pissed off alligator pit as it deals with financial woes.

URP news

The craft beer scene has officially jumped the shark. Again.

Listicle: Toughest 100 milers in the world.

Ultra pioneer Ron Bentley passed away recently. First guy to break 160 miles in 24 hours, and he did it in the early 70s, sans GPS, gels, tartan, or pillow shoes. h/t to URP Adjunct Historian Steeltown Runner.

New episode dropping this morning: USATF 50k trail champ Dani Moreno.

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