URP Daily News | Tue, Jan 29

Koop: Interval training for ultramarathon success.

Big thanks for all the cookbook recommendations yesterday! I’ve ordered Cookie and Kate and Oh She Glows.

Henry highlights Ellie and Tyler Fox and the lessons they’ve learned from David Roche, starting with don’t be afraid of failure. Here’s our interview with Ellie from October.

More on failure: If you’ve listened to URP long enough, you know I appreciate stories of failure just as much as I do tales of success. Here’s a similar take, but in a TED Talk like setting, albeit one with pizza: Infulential people talking about what didn’t work.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Interesting insight re Dubai Marathon. Aside from the unknown winners, I hadn’t put together the combination of no appearance fees and huge purse. I like the combo as it forces people to race for the win, not just an appearance check.

Stay warm, Midwest. Here are the GearJunkie’s Five Commandments to Staying Warm. And here’s David Roche’s post about why training in the cold is bad for you.

I’ve used the same rationalization as George with some workouts: I was just going to run an easy five…isn’t it better for me to get some rest?

The F3 Lake Half Marathon has a unique swag option: Take the shirt, or choose another option: A gift card to a local running shop or a $15 donation to a charity chosen by the RD. h/t Dan.

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