URP Daily News, Tue, June 14

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Sixteen quirky runner personalities. Pretty funny, and I’m sure you know most of them.

And the new trend is…pickle juice!

I wrote a preview of the stacked Broken Arrow Skyrace right here.  Lots of fast guys and gals in the 54k and VK…this should be fun!  And I’m pretty sure there’s still a few spots open.

And here’s Bryon’s preview of the mens field at Western.

Sarah and I are recording a new episode today.  Like Sarah, our guest is running Western (he’s mentioned above), so I get to relax while they freak out in taper-induced anxiety fits. Stay tuned!

We’ve all had these days: When running sucks.

How a trail runner is handling cross training.  When injured (or not), what non-running activities do you do? I inline skate, chase kids, and snowshoe in the winter.

Check out this video of some of the amazing trails in North Carolina. Wow!

Robert Young responds to some of the claims re his Trans-Con attempt.

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Another short news day.  What did I miss?


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