URP Daily News, Tue, June 7

URP Daily News

Ian Torrence: Six tests every runner should take.

Bookmark this: What do the top ultra/trail athletes do for a workout? Here are some great examples.

Latest edition of Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Ali, track contracts, and marathon clickbait. ¬†Always a good read.

Speaking of contracts, the best tweet of the day is right this way.

Three ultimate trail running vacations (for the well heeled runner.)

What athletes eat, according to google. And why we’re susceptible to diet trends.

Scotty returns to review a pair of fast and light Montrail Rogue FKTs.

Koop: How to track your training on the trails.

And more from Koop: Success in ultras is about limiting the negatives.

Want to hear more from him? Here’s our interview with him from two years ago.

Short news day. What did I miss?

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