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Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, and here’s a quick chat with two moms who share busy schedules, awesome results on the trails and roads, the gift to tell a great story, and a last name:  Sarah Lavender Smith and Pam Smith.

What happens when an ultrarunning computer geek needs to dry out his hydration bladder? This.

Discussion: Why the decline in girls’ participation in sports? This theory/answer surprised me, but it doesn’t address the decline.  Haven’t girls always had that problem, or is it really about the earlier onset of puberty or maybe increased attention to bodies because of the internet? Ladies, what do you think?

Pretty good article on ultra/trail running and pot.  Avery Collins is certainly the poster child for the “running high” movement.  What do you think?

Yes, the 100 year old lady running the 100m dash at Penn Relays was totally awesome and inspiring, but hopefully you didn’t miss the actual winner of the race.  Ed Cox is 88 years old and ran sub 18 seconds. Wow! Video here.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout: Corruption; Zach Miller; Succinctness.

URP Newsflash:  Someone asked a question on LetsRun about an ultramarathon and is given constructive, reasonable advice, completely devoid of douchebaggery.

POV race video from the Hoka Highland Fling in Scotland.  Nice job Bruce!

And Guillaume brings us a POV video from Marathon des Sables where we get to see the camps, food, etc. Here’s his race report too.

Anxious to see what these shoes are like. They’ll be the first shoes (I’m assuming road) with a Kenyan lineage which likely means light with a medium drop. I may have to throw some money at the kickstarter campaign when it comes up.

Skaters see a wicked steep residential street and want to bomb down it, we see it and think “hill repeats!”

Alright, I don’t like drones on quiet trails, but when they “perform” to rad Japanese music in front of Mt Fuji, consider me a fan.

Saving this one until I really start freaking out about two big races I’ve got in late summer/fall: Stage race recovery and strategy.

Six small brands trying to make it big in the running market.  Any experience with any of them? I love me some Picky Bars!

Colorado’s weather is significantly different than what I’m experiencing in Northern California right now. Forecast: 84 and sunny.

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