URP Daily News, Tues, May 18

Tim Hewitt is a certified badass. IRF profiles him right here.

Tuesday funny: Woman had no idea participating in a 5k charity walk could be so unrewarding.

Interesting look at Chinese sports brands.  Sure, most stuff is made there, but designed and branded?

Cask/barrell aged beers are great, but brewers are frequently overdoing it with the infusion.  Anyone tried any of this Casey Brewing from Colorado?

You’ve heard the promos on URP, now check out this video of the upcoming Shadow of the Giants 50k and tell me that doesn’t look like a fun time.

Or check out this video from Fat Dog 120 in British Columbia.  Gorgeous terrain, and the finish rate testifies to how tough it is.

Though I can’t read the whole article, it looks like there’ll be a bunch of minimalist naked runners in West Virginia this weekend.

More astute observations and analysis in Mario’s Morning Shakeout.  Track and Field struggles, new media models (ahem, above link), and more.

While the Beer Mile has jumped the shark, this Canadian just ran 11:39 for a two miler.

I got this book yesterday and am already impresses. No fluff, no granola, no chanting, just yoga stretches for runners with explicit directions and reasons for each pose.

The LetsRun MENSA Team seeks to understand ultrarunners.


Get ready, Nebraska!  A bunch of toddlers on balance bikes are about to compete on your streets. 

More on grit from yesterday: Here are five research-backed ways to increase it.

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