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Ultramarathon News From Around The World — URP — Apr 27

Three things you can do when not running to make you a better runner. I read them as “Avoid injury, avoid OTS, avoid kidney stones.”

I still haven’t listened to another podcast, but you might want to check out Team RWB’s new show. Inspiring people, vets, runners, etc.

Check out our newest URP review of the Salomon S-Lab Sonic. Confusing name, super fast shoe. Don’t let the roadie look to it scare you, this sucker is great on the trails too.

UTMB announces the elite field for 2016 and Ian breaks it down here.

Putting the ultra in ultramarathon, the Sri Chimney 6 and 10 day races are still going on in New York.  Here’s an online update, or check out the pic below, taken last night around midnight by Paul.

urp sri chimnoy
Old school live timing at Sri Chimnoy.

If you (or in this instance, your club) plan on cheating by bib swapping or muling, this dude will hunt you down and find you.

How your glutes can prevent ankle and knee injuries. Good to know!

A lot of people try the Trans-Con record, but Lisa Smith-Batchen may actually pull it off. Interesting strategy though, starting below her needed mileage.

here’s how the crewing gig went for the couple who took care of Adam Kimble on his recent trans-con attempt.

Good stuff: Ben’s love affair with the Fells.

Another record by one of my running heroes, Ed Whitlock.

Good luck at working through an injury. Is the best advice rest and ICE, or is it better to work through it?

The five most impressive beers from North Carolina. Y’all agree?

Quick Q&A with everyone’ favorite motorcycle riding globe trotting ultrarunner Rickey Gates.

My MUT superpower is that I’m immune to poison oak and rarely get mosquito bites. What’s your super power?

More help needed: Looking for an experienced reviewer for a pair of mens 8.5 trail shoes.  Two of my regular reviewers are injured…agh!  Contact me here if you’re interested. Thanks.

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