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The curse of the URP prediction:  Matt Flaherty’s coverage of Jim Walmsley.

Watch this: Billy Yang does a great job capturing Kara Goucher’s quest for balance in life as a mother and professional runner.

Interesting. I guess if you can’t find a local doc who understands endurance athletes, this is your guy.

There’s some seriously gnarly terrain in this race on the island of Corsica.  The English isn’t perfect, but the message is clear: If you’re traveling for this race, give yourself ample time and be patient.

Still checking out this TNF race in Utah in late September. Good timing in between Tahoe 200 and the Himalayan 100 and looks like a fun course.  Now I need to convince the wife.  Who’s going?

Want to meet up at Western? Aside from the start, the URP tent will be up in Foresthill with seating, shade, beer, and plenty of ultra banter.

Want to read a detailed report from a hundred mile DNF at Bighorn? Nathan writes with a lot of introspection and describes many of the feelings many of us had when the day isn’t going as it should, but somehow works out for the best.

What’s Anton been up to? Bad knees and rock climbing.

How well do different drinks hydrate you?

Geeking out on Western States? Here are six videos you need to watch (and I’m sure already have.)

Looking to win a pair of Pearl Izumi shoes meant for long and slow runs on beautiful trails. Check out Brett’s review right here and enter the Western States prediction contest for a chance to grab yourself a pair.

How do dopers get away with doping? (And why drug testing for ultras would be a total joke.)

I’m rarely drinking beer midweek anymore, but had a Stone Brewing Your Father Smelt of Elderberries beer last night. Interesting. Tastes like an ancient brew and apparently is an old recipe.  Strong nose of sweet berries, but zero taste of them whatsoever. Handsome bourbon color, but no head at all. Very boozy (10.3S%), almost like a poorly-done strong ale. Lots of malty flavor. $7 for a bomber, probably wouldn’t buy again.

Wow, there are some gorgeous trails around Mt Saint Helens. Here’s what you need to know.

Fully acknowledging that the study was commissioned by Eliptigo, this study shows similar results in product training and run training. And from my experience, that’s absolutely true.

Two idiots try to eat the 10k calories meal plan from Game of Throne’s “The Mountain.”

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