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WSER: As of yesterday, Western States is still on.

Speaking of WS, were you able to catch Unbreakable on YouTube? (Here’s the link to the feature film.) It was my first time seeing it and was a very cool time capsule of our sport. The elite men, the lack of crowds, limited media, but with all the same excitement.

Run Spirited: Henry chats with Ultrarunning Magazine Editor Amy Clark about what brought her to the trails and to her cool job.

With the Olympics officially cancelled for 2020, what do the athletes do now?

Gear: Ben has his hands…err…feet on a new pair of Hoka TenNine’s and will be reporting back soon on how he likes them. Stay tuned.

Great report and pics from a good and tough run at Transgrancanaria last month.

You’ve heard Chase Parnell on URP and you’ve read both he and Nikki’s posts in Treeline Journal, now Nikki (and her friend Stef) have launched a podcast focused on women and moms on the trails. Check it out here.

What was the greatest track race of all time? Here’s one guy’s choice. Yours?

Covid 19 cures Achilles Tendinitis! (Well, sort of….)

Hey bruh, your epic PTC thruhike is cancelled for the season. Here’s why.

Ian Sharman: Five ultramarathon mistakes not to make. Ian knows what he’s talking about. Listen up.

When people talk about the MUT “community”, I think of Brendan Madigan, owner of an unbelievably cool outdoor store in Tahoe and RD of Broken Arrow. When C-19 hit, he reached out for help and the community responded.

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