URP Daily News | Wed, Mar 27

Don’t be stupid: John Kelly (interview) opines on needlessly putting yourself at risk and why that’s a bad idea.

Science: Want to live longer? Run more.

Kids: Thirteen year old runs qualifying race at Black Canyon 100k. The article curiously states that it’s “unclear if there is an age minimum for the coveted Western States 100”, but rule #1 of the entry process states that runners must be 18 years of age on race day. Keep at it, Sebastian and we’ll hopefully see you in five years.

“Road” marathon is so full of potholes that it’s re-classified as a “multi-terrain” event. One question for UK runners: The story calls it “single track road” and that’s either a different use for the term than we’re used to in the US, or the author was less than precise. The picture clearly shows double track, but that could of course be just one portion of the 26.2 miles. I’m curious if anyone can help out. Thanks.

F*ck yeah: Great Q&A about Shalane Flanagan and how she handles training, family, broadcasting, and more. One thing is consistent…she prepares and executes with deliberateness and passion.

A very quick truth. Thirty seven words that will change your perspective on training.

Music: I recorded a podcast about podcasting yesterday and was asked what my favorite musical performance was and I couldn’t nail it down. Here’s one of my top three.

Mental: Trail Sister Katherine writes about the power of positive thinking. I agree with her…mental strength can pull you through anything. But, as I’ve learned more than once, it will not make up for poor physical training.
“Gutting it out” sucks.

Trail runner goes missing during race in Malaysia as day five of SAR approaches.

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