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Bob does a great job detailing the emotions and physical issues of having a bad running injury.  Determined to perform well at ultras this spring (including Canyons 100k and WS100), he’s methodically–and patiently– nursed his knee back to health and seems ready to go.

This should be awesome: Inaugural Cyborg Olympics taking place in CH this year.  Disabled athletes will have robotics teams behind them helping with events.

Hopefully you’ve seen the new Salomon video Trail Dogs.  If you’re a trail runner and like dogs, spend a few minutes right now.

Good read from the NYT: The state of world sports resembles a failed state.

What the heck? Prize money docked because she improved?  Alright, here’s a further explanation, but I still don’t understand. Anyone?

We interviewed Maggie Guterl last month as she was preparing for the Georgia Death Race. Here’s her full race report.

I got in the car with JB at the next moment I saw him. We went to the finish and waited for Bethany and Maggie to claim their well earned top two spots and Golden Tickets. But, I have cried everyday since. It actually feels like that is the right thing to do. You have to feel the lows so you know how to get back to the highs.

—and here’s Jen Benna’s report from the same race.

Mario’s Morning Shakeout.  Running news, industry news, and opinions.

Function of fashion: A runners dilemma.  I understand the enclosed cognition theory, and will take it a step further…Sometimes, we’re wearing something so ridiculous we think (and do!) have to run faster to prove that won’t be slowed down by our ridiculous looking kit.

The importance of back strength for runners.  Your legs could be in great shape, your cardio pumping well, but if your back goes out, you’re in big trouble.

I looooove pics of lush singletrack, but there’s a feeling I get when when I see a track, step onto the tartan, smell the grass (boo synth turf!), and look up at the stands that’s not replicated on the trails. Here’s an ongoing roundup of iconic track stadiums…these from southern California.

URP News: New podcast will be released today. Sarah and I chatted with the fast (and hilarious) Amy Rusiecki about ultra-couples, her run at Leadville last year, and her hopes for Western this year.

Tennis is going through its own gender-equity issues right now (albeit different problems), and the Trail Sisters discuss the race within the race at ultras.

What did Jill do in the time between her finish at Iditarod and when her partner Beat finished? She had a week in Alaska and made good use, including taking a horrendous picture of winner Tim Hewitt’s mangled feet.

David Roche takes on one of those issues we don’t bring up in mixed (distance) company: Eating and diet.  How do the pros do it? What’s best for performance, and what works for losing weight?


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