Ultramarathon Daily News | Wed, May 2

Robbie Britton breaks down 13 ultramarathon myths.

Altra signs on as the official footwear of Mt. Marathon. I’d be curious to see a breakdown of shoe choices for the storied race.

Sarah’s latest post about her run at Canyons and plans for the summer. Cameo by some weirdo in sunglasses.

Keeping in physical shape is one thing, but if you’re not working your mental game none of it matters.

GIRO and CamelBak parent corporation Vista Outdoors considering selling off its controversial ammunition division.

Nick Symonds went from the 800m to the marathon. Now he’s off to Everest.

And although this weekend’s Kentucky Derby is considered the “most exciting two minutes in sports”, apparently those folks have never watched an 800m like this.

Hillbilly once again proves that it’s our fellow human we need to fear in the outdoors.

Interested in running MDS? Click and save Magda’s incredibly thorough race report from her recent win.

…And another top Kenyan gets popped for EPO.

Did you like the interview with Dave Johnston and Gavin Woody? Here’s a quick video of Dave in his natural environment.

This week in science: Endurance sports do not suppress the immune system.  

Cool story behind Des Linden’s historic win at Boston.

More reviews coming soon: URP Gear Reviewer Sarah has a tweaked leg and took a few weeks off from testing. Stay tuned.

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