URP Daily News, Wed, May 25

Creep assaults disabled woman in elevator, but Alaskan ultrarunner/security guard chased him down and catches him. Ta-da!

Ghelfi and Laney talk about UTMB and training with the Strava crew.

It’s hot out and you have one cup of water: Do you drink it or pour it over your head?

Everybody is always looking for advice on how to improve their running. Here. Read this. It’s about consistency and genetics.

This (Lover’s Leap on July 2) looks like a super low key event in my favorite place: There are 9 distance options (from 5k to 100M) if you didnt make it off a waiting list for TRT and need those Tahoe miles. Beware: Site was designed in 2004 and there are mountain lions, snakes, and bears on the trails.

Seven new running books you might want to check out.

Jumping events in T&F are generally some of the most boring in my opinion. Unless you do them like this! Again, USATF, you listening?

I don’t like tequila, and most barrels aged beers are over-done. Something tells me I wouldn’t be happy with any of these choices.

Speaking of booze, the newly sober Angry Jogger has his 100k this weekend. Here’s how he’s prepping this year compared to his run in 2014.

If distance running is such a natural activity, why the heck are we injured so often? Harvard is on the case with some new findings (and advice.)


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